(and where tubes come from)

“You can tell whether a person is young or old considering how much he dreams.

Despite our age , we’ve been dreaming since 1975 as a little boy.” 

Until 1975 in Europe, internal tubes in small heaters were a tangle of bits of piping screwed onto cast iron fittings. As you can imagine, the costs to buy and install them were very high due to the possibility of leakages for each of the dozens of joints between the tube and the fitting. This made for an unbelievable amount of waste.

And it was because of this waste that TALT was born, thanks to an idea thought up by the engineer, Enrico Sebastiani, who at the time was a technical manager for the most important Italian producers of gas boilers. He just couldn’t accept that this mass of fittings didn’t work as they should.

So TALT started as a hobby, as a challenge to work differently from everyone else.
It started because of curiosity. Because of a dream. To solve two obvious problems: to reduce costs and to allow the easy installation and maintenance of boilers, without going mad.


Easy to say. But how easy to put in practice?

At TALT we like to experiment and we still apply a basic principle: cold forming lengths of tubing in successive steps until we get the shape we need.

And to do this, TALT has developed its own model, internally producing all the machinery and tools needed to carry out this principle.

Customised and customisable machines that are the result of imagination and experience. Enrico’s and everyone who has ever worked with him.

Machines that look to the future and that are now in Luca’s hands as he carries on his father’s work.
It is immediately obvious that this technology, this modus operandi, allows the production not only of tubes for gas meters but also fittings of different kinds, both standard and specially designed..
We are in Legnano, in the industrial district north of Milan.

The past has provided us with the experience and the means of finding the right solutions.
The future that awaits us will allow us to take this approach to our clients, those who already trust us and those who will come to trust us, in Italy and abroad.

The application of computerised tools and integrated production management, quality and traceability will help us meet this new global challenge and will help make work easier for the world’s leading players in the market.